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TFTF | Sep 15, 2021

The fortnight thus far

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Issue #63

Sep 15, 2021



Deals in India: Mid-Year Review and Outlook for 2021 – Resilience and Recovery

Deal activity in India in H1 2021 totaled up to $40.7 Bn across 710 deals, including both PE and M&A. Technology & Healthcare sectors saw a surge from PE investors. Also, the majority of the M&A deal values were driven by smaller-ticket deals in the $100 Mn–1 Bn bracket, totaling $6.2 billion. Uncover the Key themes emerging in 2021.

[ PwC > Full report here:



Brand Strength or Margin? Both!

It is no secret that a strong brand is the best insurance against the creeping loss of market share. A survey found that 78% of CEOs are now banking on CMOs to contribute to growth, making the allocation and control of the marketing budget imperative. How can you benefit from the successful optimization of a marketing budget?

[ McKinsey & Co. > Full report here:



Food Processing Impact on Doubling Farmers’ Income

The Indian Food Processing industry can potentially be the solution India needs to double farmer’s income as it’s poised to reach USD535 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 15%. With only 10% advancements, there is a dire need for India to expedite its move towards value addition in agriculture through food processing. Know more.

[ KPMG > Full report here :



Building on the Digital Banking Momentum

Digital channels accounted for 61% of US Bank’s total loan sales in the 3 months ending February 2021, a jump from 39% a year earlier. Although banks are delighted to observe this increased digital adoption, how much of this digital momentum is sustainable?

[ Deloitte > Full report here:



Investing in Nature gives Industry and Business a Competitive Advantage

The world is in danger of losing 10% or more of its total GDP by the end of the century. 15 transitions in just 3 socio-economic systems could deliver $10.1 Tn of annual business opportunities and 395 Mn jobs by 2030. How should industry leaders examine whether their business models interact with nature?

[ WEF > Full report here:



The Sales Playbook of Successful B2B Teams

Every major B2B company invests millions each year in sales technologies, yet 62% of 167 companies said the ROI fell short of expectations. High-performing B2B companies are increasingly using sales plays to win an opportunity at a specific customer or prospect. So, what is the value these sales plays can deliver?

[ Harvard Business Review > Full report here:


Every article here has had 100s of hours of effort that have gone into making this relevant, insightful and concise. Due credit and thanks to all these professionals and organizations who toiled to put together these insights, of such high quality, for the use of businesses across the world.


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