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Zoom, a frenzy that is coming to an end?

It quite literally did that during the pandemic, for it went from $66 per share on the last day of 2019 to touching $568 in 10 months from then.

It became the 5th most downloaded app in the world with ~477 Mn downloads proving the right thing at the right time can really make you millions.

The disruption in markets during times like these is just unbelievable. This, my friends, is called timing the market which in my opinion is just getting lucky (ssshh).

Yes, Candlesticks, Bollinger bands & MACD lines until of course the news ‘lockdown extended’, and from there everything goes haywire. Those beautifully forming levels and lines just seem like shabby drawings.

Just sad that it’s very quickly zooming out as well falling back to $100 levels.

With back to office slowly starting to gain momentum, wonder if it'll lead to them breaking butterfly on the wheel or rising to the occasion.


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