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CFOs are the first line of defense from potential financial adversity. 

They can also be the asset that allows companies to really expand their horizons rapidly. 

Today, the CFO is a connector – the bridge between business, data & goals. 


Yet, so little is spoken about these enablers.

So, we decided to shift the spotlight onto them:


What this report focuses on could address questions like:

  • who are they

  • what is their education arc

  • how has their career graph been

  • what insights do we have about their personality style

  • what makes them tick & what ticks them off

  • when faced with rapid momentum, do they fight/ take flight

DNA of a CFO GIF.gif

The big who

In case you haven’t heard about us earlier, we aren’t a market research firm. 

We aren’t an advertising agency either. 


We aren’t an events firm.


Though those are all great businesses we should have also been in,

We are a strategic finance advisory.  

Using a plug-&-play model, we provide startups (the Paul Graham definition) & medium-sized companies with advanced finance capabilities like board management, simulations, restructuring, financial modelling or performance dashboarding.


Basically, we help add more flexibility, resilience and competence to all those things that are critical and those things that will be 3 years from now while the CFOs & CXOs continue to focus on the current focus of the business. 

This report is a story of us is basically us innovating on the  paradigms of marketing & sales while adding value to you - the modern Tech CFO.

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