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MentorX is a deep-dive from in-depth interviews of accomplished Mentors into the origins, the makings and the value that they are able to bring to organizations around us.

Here is what's inside:

  1. What is the background of a mentor and what are their skillsets?

  2. What kind of organizations do they mentor? What do they look for?

  3. What do organizations seek to achieve with a mentor? What roles can they play?

  4. How do mentors like to get compensated? What gives them satisfaction?

The big who

In case this is the first time you are accessing our thought leadership, we are a strategic finance advisory.  

Using a plug-&-play model, we provide startups (the Paul Graham definition) & medium-sized companies with advanced finance capabilities like board management, simulations, restructuring, financial modelling or performance dashboarding.

Basically, we help add more flexibility, resilience and competence to all those things that are critical and those things that will be 3 years from now while the CFOs & CXOs continue to focus on the current focus of the business. 


Over the last 10+ years, we have worked with 400+ businesses (ranging from Fortune 500 companies to award-winning start-ups) across 20+ countries in capacities ranging from crafting their international expansion strategy to managing investor relations. These include the portfolio companies of funds like Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, Omidyar, Tiger Global, Coatue, Naspers, Breakthrough Energy among others.

This report is a story of us is basically us innovating on the  paradigms of marketing & sales while adding value to you - the modern CEO.

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