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The time of VUCA presents challenges that can be very unnerving even to the well managed enterprises and their established entrepreneurs.

More often than not, the focus is on the indicators and opinions rather than actionable insights that can serve as guide-points while moving forward.

But we sat across the room wondering if and how we could help founders look at these circumstances, diagnose their impact and create their own playbook to respond to an uncertainty rather than be broiled by them. 

This cheat sheet is the Resurge Report.

what's inside this report?

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Who are we?

In case you haven’t heard about us earlier, we aren’t a market research firm. 

We aren’t an advertising agency either. 


We aren’t an events firm.


Though those are all great businesses we should have also been in,

We are a strategic finance advisory.  

Using a plug-&-play model, we provide startups (the Paul Graham definition), medium-sized companies and multi-nationals with advanced financial planning & strategic finance capabilities.

This report you read earlier, was our internal communication that went out to our clients to better help them plan for the big transitions that are going to occur in the next few months.

Basically, we help add more flexibility, resilience and competence to all those things that are critical and those things that will be 3 years from now while the CFOs & CXOs continue to focus on the current focus of the business.

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