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2022, The Year of Consolidation

Funding grew almost 186% this quarter.

Following the funding and IPO rush in 2021, 2022 will be a year to reckon.

In the quarter that went by, we have seen a spate of large M&A activity in the domestic market and at least 100 mergers and acquisitions have been completed in India’s start-up ecosystem.

What has led to this record-shattering mergers and acquisitions in Q1?

+ COVID led disruptions.

+ Increasing need for digitization.

+ Constantly evolving regulations.

+Geopolitical crisis triggering the need to consolidate for survival.

Will this momentum continue for the rest of the year?

Short answer, Yes!

+ Economic growth is expected to slow down due to increasing interest rates.

+ Valuations of companies and their assets will drop both from weaker top-line expectations and a higher discount rate applied to future profits.

In other words, acquisitions would get cheaper resulting in more and more acquisitions.

So, Companies who have waited for the right time will find good prices now and will continue to be on the lookout for acquisitions in the overseas and domestic markets to foray into new markets, expand their portfolio and acquire business capabilities.

What would help? Speed!

For Acquirers

Writing a shopping list ahead of time will speed up decision-making.

For Targets

Prepare mock drills and ensure there are no red flags while you are being evaluated.


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