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A theory behind Twitter acquisition

Elon Musk bought Twitter.


No one can say for sure.

But when I was having this conversation with my colleague, he mentioned that all big companies tend to control a part of some sort of media outlet, be it words, pictures, or videos.

Which got me thinking, why is that important? Is it really even true?

Yes, true it was. Just not visible in plain sight.

The media ownership monitor in India conducted a study and found out that the crossholding patterns of the numerous private companies that seem to be involved in media actually concentrate to huge conglomerates.

So, while it seems like there is freedom of press, a lot of it is actually under control by these companies which in turn are controlled by the Government making all media channels nothing but outlets for politicians to carry out their political agenda.

Don’t believe me, read this link for more details.

The country that it is, I thought maybe it was only us that functioned this way. Little did I know that a study conducted in 97 other countries threw out the same result.

Freedom of speech, Musk said. What do you think?


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