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This Ayrton Senna's interview makes sense in Business too

If you no longer go for a gap that exists then you are no longer a racing driver - Ayrton Senna

The legendary race driver had this to say during an interview

The situation was that Ayrton Senna, known to be one of the best race drivers that ever lived on this planet, was often accused of being way too aggressive

Aggressive that in the pursuit of the race win would have encounters with the competition that wasn’t pleasant at all times

This statement of his clearly shows his intent of why he is in the sport

He went on to say that you are not competing to get in 2nd, 3rd positions and so on but you are there to win

This is so true and relevant even in the world of business and our personal lives

If we don’t set ourselves targets to be the best then we’ll never be

If we build business models to ape another successful business then you’ll be second best at all times

SWOT all the time and prepare yourself for a win

Look at unique and better ways to solve a problem

Strive to be outliers

Potential category creators and not copycats


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