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Buzzwords are just proper-nouns without capabilities

Every start-up we know wants to have at least 1 or more of these as part of their capabilities

> Big Data

> Data Mining

> Analytics

> Artificial Intelligence (AI)

> Machine Learning (ML)

> Industry 4.0

> Chatbots

> Augmented Reality (AR)

> Virtual Reality (VR)

> Internet of Things (IoT)

> BlockChain

The start-ups we speak to regularly which are in the tech/ tech-enabled space like having some of these buzzwords in their narrative to investors

However, if you don’t have a strong technical team to either build the capability or showcase a roadmap, no investor is gullible enough to buy that story. Hence becomes counterproductive.

To add to this we have seen cases of these buzzwords used in the wrong sense. For example, AR instead of VR, AI instead of ML, and so on

Focus on core execution capabilities, the problem you are solving, TAM that you are catering to, and how you are actually different from the competition

Buzzwords may help you get a conversation, but you dig yourself a deeper hole by claiming something that you aren’t capable of executing


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