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Can math make you $7.5B richer?

Can the power of math win you 21 Academy Awards & 9 Golden Globes?


How about grossing $15B in the box office?


Or help you to be worth $7.5B?


Not if you are Pixar.

The secret to Pixar’s super high quality & detailed animations and lightning-quick movie production is a single mathematical concept –


Remember how branches of the tree repeat themselves as they grow with each new branch having its own branches?

That’s a simple expression of Fractals.

Benoit Mandelbrot created the first mathematical set to explain this phenomenon.


Loren Carpenter, working for Boeing used this set to generate computer graphics to simulate a mountainous background in minutes.


This would have taken his team decades to complete – but using this self-replication, it was done in minutes.


Loren realized how big this idea was and went on to co-found Pixar.

Pixar developed their rendering engine on the basis of this model – RenderMan.




The renders were some of the most realistic to date.

Fractals are now behind every one of Pixar’s movies since then.

[ Remember how branches of the tree repeat themselves as they grow? That’s a simple expression of Fractals. Fractals are the expression for patterns in nature that appear exactly the same way at varying scales of magnification with repetitions maintaining self-similarity. ]

Of course, all the other bits to making a movie are equally important, but this gave them years to focus on the other things that mattered.

So now you know why it’s so realistic – it's because it mimics the code behind nature itself.

Did you know about this before?

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