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Circular economy for food waste, just a concept on paper?

Every year, Indians waste about $14 Bn worth of food.

Stats that’s worrying:

+ 10-20% of the food served at the weddings in India goes to waste

+ Every year, 50kg of food is thrown away per person in Indian homes

+ 1/3rd of the food produced in the world for human consumption annually is lost


Where’s all the food that wasn’t eaten gone then?

Most of it quite literally into the drain.

A catastrophe for a country that stands 101st out of 116 in the Global Hunger Index.

Most of the waste management hype is around processing electronic and plastic waste, but the food bit is very evidently ignored.

It’s plain as a pikestaff as to why this happens.

Food perishes on its own. Give it enough time, not long, and it disappears.


Wastelink's disruptive take on fixing India’s food waste problem:

No, they aren’t composting food. The moment you compost food, you lose all its nutritional value.

Instead, it uses its proprietary tech to convert it into nutritional-rich feed for animals.

It works with food producers, kitchens, supermarkets, and restaurants and pays them for the waste food that’s collected.

It is aiming to recycle 3,000 metric tonnes of food waste per month this year and is looking at an annual revenue of INR 30 crores.

While the scale isn’t huge right now, the potential to grow is immense and would require greater investor interest.


Until then, can ‘we’ fix it? Yes, we can!

Start with not making a pig of yourself crowding the plate with more than it, rather your stomach can handle in the next fat wedding you attend this Shaadi season!

Source: The Ken


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