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Common myths of being an entrepreneur

Ever heard of herd mentality? Well it’s a sad but true reality for 99% of the people out there. We’re so afraid of travelling the ‘road less taken’ that we invariably believe the success of others as a measure of what needs to be done. Then there are those that choose to be shepherds instead and in the quest, have helped dismiss common startup notions: You have to be the first to market

BharatPeAshneer Grover himself said Paytm taught people how to use digital payments and that he piggy backed on that ride and created something more successful. You have to be Oxford/ Harvard educated in order to make your mark

OYO – Ritesh Agarwal was an 18 year old dropout who went on to become the world’s second youngest self-made billionaire. You need to chase investors to drive your valuation

Zerodha – At a $2 Billion valuation, the Kamat brothers have showed the world how to bootstrap to a multi-billion dollar enterprise. You have to splurge on customer acquisition

boAt Lifestyle – A recent post by Aman Gupta said that he wore the Boat t-shirt as a branding exercise which gave him a great ROI thus showing that frugality is the name of the game. Your product need to move mountains

Dunzo – A simple idea of moving things from point A to point B, now catering over 2 million orders on a monthly basis, showing just the right execution and the drive to make it work.


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