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Confused between SEO and SEM?

Let's understand what they are & how they help businesses:

👉SEM is paid advertising that involves bidding on keywords to appear at the top of search engine results & other websites. SEO is the practice of optimizing a company website to rank higher in organic search engine results.

Here's an example:

💭Imagine you own a bakery in Bengaluru. You have the best cakes & pastries in town, but you’re struggling to attract customers. You have a website, but it’s not ranking high on search engine results.

👉This is where SEO (Search engine optimization) comes in. By incorporating relevant keywords like “bakery in Bengaluru” on your website & enhancing user experience by providing easy navigation, you can attract organic traffic to your website. This can help you establish credibility & attract more customers.

💭But what if you want to drive immediate traffic to your website?

👉This is where SEM (Search engine marketing) comes in. By using targeted ads that appear when someone searches for “bakery in Bengaluru,” you can drive immediate traffic to your website. This can help you attract more customers & increase conversions.

👉By leveraging the combined power of SEO & SEM, you can establish a strong online presence, attract targeted traffic & maximize conversions. It’s important to stay updated on the latest trends & algorithms; & integrate SEO & SEM into a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


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