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Cred, a user journey from fintech to e-commerce

An unusual turn of events


Started with a premise to have the most credit-worthy customers on the platform

For credit card holder, it was often a challenge to track statements and payment dates. To add to that late payments has a direct impact on credit scores the embarrassing reminder call from the bank only made it worse

The Solution

1/ Worldclass UX/UI: an app that looked and felt great to use.

2/ Gamification: ensuring every time a user made CC payment, they were gratified with Coins.

Result: Improved credit score

Was that enough?

The users were getting restless accumulating the Coins with no avenue to spend them, and it started to feel like just another number. The stickiness beyond using the app for the payment didn’t exist and would have likely died a horrible death if not for the fantastic extension of the user journey on the app.

From a very small increment, allowing users to burn cred coins to pay on partner sites to now checking the daily deal to playing their very well-animated jackpots to checking the best deals on products, the shopping experience on CRED has been an immaculate one.


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