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Difference between a CFO and Controller

Today, the role of the CFO is vastly different from what it was a few years backWe get asked every other day by businesses we meet – So what is it that you do so differently? While this has become a part of our standard conversation, we thought of putting these thoughts together in a whitepaper that every SMB can use to define what they should be expecting from this new wave.


The points of difference is also where business are lacking



Today, the role of the CFO is vastly different from what it was a few years back


As well-functioning CFOs are spending more and more time on traditionally 'non-CFO' roles


But a majority of the businesses feel that they do not have access to these skill-sets currently internally.



This talent gap has led to the arrival of new models to access this leadership from external sources.


But each of these models has their own advantages and disadvantages.



Picking the right model that works for your organization would mean asking yourself what constraints matter to you most?



Hope you liked our article on how the role of a CFO is now transforming to strategic finance from traditional controller-ship.

How about access to an [ exclusive ] whitepaper on this subject?

Strategic Finance, the new king


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Disclaimer: Please note that these are our views are based on our experience in being advisors and working with various organizations. They are for the limited purpose of educating and not meant to be diagnostic or advisory. How these apply to your business can vary significantly based on the context, stage and nature of the business. The authors and the company expressly disclaim all and any liability to any person who has read this information, or otherwise, in respect of anything, and of consequences of anything done, or omitted to be done by any such person in reliance merely upon the contents of this article or post or document. You are requested to seek expert assistance for any implementation.


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