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Ethics over "growth at all costs"

Reading about was disheartening to say the least.

But the truth is – growth at all costs shouldn’t really cost your ‘ethical’ standing.

But, this isn’t a post about lament.

It is about a client who we hold dear for the right reasons - VEHITO.

Our thesis when helping raise the Seed round for VEHITO was very clear.

Distributed fulfilment models will fail – unless your product is really improving the day of a service provider (a garage or a mechanic).

Vehito worked with garages to build a product that:

+ helped make multi-brand garages as technically competitive as dealer garages

+ reduced the amount of time spent on non-revenue generating activities

+ increased the transparency and visibility in the servicing process

+ while providing a seal of trust to the vehicle owner

At no extra cost to either the vehicle owner or the garage. Standard non-zero-sum game thinking.

But why we worked with them was something more important.

A strong upholding of ethical beliefs very akin to the team at Prequate Advisory.

It helped us align for the long-haul.

When their round closed, the celebration was first at our office.

Which is why, 3 years from then, we still cherish the relationship we share with the founders.

And we will continue to – because we align on what we value most - Ethics.

You stand for the right things - which is why you will continue to stand. Funding winter or not.


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