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Ever thought Fashion was Sustainable?

Myths around sustainable fashion.

1. They’re not trendy

2. They’re expensive

3. They’re hard to find


One belief around sustainable fashion that needs to be debunked.

'They are sustainable.'


Sustainability seems to be the buzz word of fashion brands in the past 2-3 years.

Yes, big brands have come to the rescue.

H&M collects used clothing for recycling at every store, why then is 75% of the clothing we produce still ending up in ashes or in landfills?

Zara announced that it would create collections of 100% sustainable cottons/ linens & recycled polyester by 2025, but with what fast fashion has done to the industry will it be viable when it only revolves around ‘affordable’ & ‘trendy’.

The fashion industry is a long way away from being planet friendly and while the trend-setters go guns blazing about how they’re striving to be sustainable; they are as a matter of fact only adding fuel to the fire that’s enveloping the world one sleeve at a time.


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