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Every cloud has a silver lining

The EQ levels in Indian start-ups are still very high

Day 1: The news of #LIDO shutting down had a lot of bashing and how EdTech is a saturated space. It was all about calling the founders frauds, liars, etc. I am no judge of what has gone down with that, but I couldn’t stop feeling sorry for the employees, who overnight were out of a job.

Day 2: Is when I saw the whole narrative turning around and was fantastic to see an extremely high empathy in the Indian Start-up ecosystem:

+ Founders.Careers – Jayadev Mahalingam

+ DoctCo – Nimith Agrawal

+ Malpani Ventures - Siddharth S

+ DUX Education

+ ThatWare LLP - Tuhin Banik

Some of the names I came across on my LinkedIn feed. Good on you guys for welcoming the LIDO team to interview for relevant roles.

To the folks at LIDO, it is easier said than done but hold fort. Even if you must be cynical about it and don’t take everyone at face value a good 10% of them am sure are with a good intention and I am being highly conservative, it’s not all that horrible.

When you get that opportunity to interview for these roles make sure you put your best foot forward and whoever hires you will benefit immensely from the learning of what not to do as a business.

Look ahead and soon this nightmare will only make you stronger.


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