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Gender stereotyping is a trend that fuels a lot of prejudice

Where does Stereotyping stem from?

As a father of a 6.5 yr old girl child, when I try to shop for my daughter I am presented with options in clothes and footwear that in 90% of cases are pink

When I have to buy a toy for her, I am directed towards the area that has Frozen & Barbie

I can’t ever find a pair of jeans that doesn’t have something sparkly on them and I am always thinking why the hell is this the case?

My wife and I who grew more aware of this when we had our daughter decided that as much as practically possible, we are going to buy clothes in colours that are considered gender-neutral but it’s almost impossible to find an affordable retail outlet that sells these

When we tried looking at some premium brands there were some options but how often can you buy premium clothing for kids who outgrow them at such a fast rate

We need to have a John Lewis & Partners in India that demolishes the cliché of pink vs blue. Kudos to you good folks for starting the Genderless kidswear. They started with removing the girls’ and boys’ tags on garments and started introducing colours that were considered gender-neutral.

This initiative was widely appreciated and soon many other brands started following suit. This shift in the mindset of the consumers enabled by the outlet is commendable

What they have managed to do is truly remarkable and is very much needed in India and the rest of the world if we need to get the message out there early on with kids

Children need not grow in the exact mould of the previous generation – Sadhguru JV


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