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How UI can deliver multifold benefits.

Can a clever use of UI to make a product mean a different thing to different people?


For example, can an app be a payments app to me, an e-com app to my colleague, a loyalty program to someone else?

CRED can & did. Beautifully.

So, what’s the first thing you notice when you open the Cred app?

I see spend reviews.

When I asked my colleague, he said the daily deals.

Another colleague, she said Travel offers.

I am a data addict. Reviewing my spends gives me an extra kick.

My colleague loves to try new gadgets.

My other colleague loves to travel.

How did CRED know and relate to all of us with the same fervor?

Imagine walking into a super-market.

Doesn’t the same thing happen?

We each gravitate towards a different aisle. Which is why supermarkets have gotten bigger and bigger each year.

Imagine doing this in a 6-inch screen - that is not likely to grow further. But this isn’t just about personalized recommendations – like other e-coms do using user profiling.

It’s a personalized expectation of experience using UI. To make your product mean something to everyone while retaining the same brand across all platforms.

& that’s in’CRED’ible!


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