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Importance of Content Marketing

5.07 billion global internet users (600Mn users in India) have fueled the rise of a digital era where content marketing has gained momentum. One of the direct results of this momentum is that blogging has resulted in up to a 372% increase in organic traffic & 67% increase in lead conversions.

In a world where 85% people ignore paid ads, it’s important to create an effective inbound marketing strategy. To reap the maximum benefit, companies should put content at the centre of SEO & SEM.

One of the ways include leveraging SEM data insights for optimizing content as a part of SEO strategy. Further, allocating a larger portion of the budget to paid SEM marketing, in the beginning, will create rapid visibility, but in the long game, focusing on building a rich content repository should take the front seat.

Chocolate brand, The Whole Truth Foods has grown from blogs to products, with blog readers being their first customers, showcasing the power of content.

PS: If you are unaware about what SEO (Search engine optimization) & SEM (Search engine Marketing) means:

SEM is paid advertising that involves bidding on keywords to appear at the top of search engine results & other websites. SEO is the practice of optimizing company website to rank higher in organic search engine results.


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