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Million Dollar Wanderlust!

Not all those who wander are lost, especially if you discover million-dollar ideas while doing so.

Most people travel to take a break & rejuvenate, eager to go back to their 9-5. But the best travelers are the curious ones. Ones who take their experiences and turn it around to their next entrepreneurial venture.

#Zilingo was founded exactly like that, when in 2015, the founder was on a trip to Thailand where she discovered lifestyle products cost a fifth of what they did back home in India. There were products which would appeal to a large demographic in India but only those who travelled had access.

What then?

Well, she partnered with her friend (an engineer) and together they equipped the individual street sellers with technology, started a virtual store, helped digitize their operations and now everyone could buy fashion & beauty products on Zilingo.

6 years later, Zilingo is valued at >$ 1 Bn. It is one of the largest players of e-commerce in South-east Asia with its headquarters in Singapore to cater to global demand.

They say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, in her case, just by a few million dollars.


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