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Unjudge Someone with The Human Library

In the walk of life, everyone you have an encounter with has a story to tell. ~8 billion people, 8 billion stories. Each one having unique tales of their hardships, their successes, their reasons to smile.

For what is life except learning from these stories, ones that are far more interesting than the latest novel you picked up.

[Enter] The Human Library.

A concept I was absolutely in awe of when I first came across it. A place to borrow someone’s time and listen to the adventures they’ve had, lessons they’ve learnt and whatever else you can get them to talk about.

With the advent of the digital age, a face-to-face conversation has been reduced to faces on the screen. Technology really has stunted our ability of actually keeping in touch, which in turn has led to us being oblivious to the people around us. Each only bothered about the story they are supposedly building on.

The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller and with the human library maybe the art of having a real conversation will be kept alive, for they don’t call storytelling the world’s oldest education for no reason.


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