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Newton's Apple & why this matters to your organization

You've obviously heard the story of how an apple fell on Newton’s head leading to the epiphany of ‘gravity’ right?

👉 What if I were to tell you this never happened?


👉 Why knowing this will matter to your organization?

The real story is that Sir Isaac Newton found the apple to be a great way to explain how an ‘earth-like’ shaped object (an apple) always fell to the perpendicularly.


An anecdotal story gave it a 'recall'ability.


It simplified the message to be re-tellable without losing essential details.


It drew on the element of surprise (falling on the head).


It worked with objects that were ubiquitous (a tree, an apple).


It was concise (retold in 5 sentences or less).

Now, why does this matter to your organization?

The power of storytelling is quite underrated in



Storytelling makes brands.

Remember Apple’s 1984 Macintosh ad or Happydent’s Palace ad or even Coca-Cola’s Open Happiness campaign or even Fevicol’s?


They don’t sell product. They sell stories worth retelling.


The result?




I just reminded you of something you saw 25 years / 15 years / 11 years back.


You almost never forgot.

Is that not what really matters as a brand?


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