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Not your Regular Meat!

India’s meat substitute market is poised to reach $48 Mn by 2026, advancing at a CAGR of 7.5%.

Consumers’ psyche in India- the driving force:

+ 82% see “healthy” as a more important buying factor

+ 63% are extremely likely to buy plant-based meat daily

Major international firms are venturing into this industry via partnerships, take ADM with Imagine Meats for instance.

But what is it?

Plant-based meats are products designed to imitate meat – matching its taste, look, and feel.

Getting to the nutri-gritty:

Your 4 oz ‘beyond meat burger’ v/s ground beef

+ Calories: 260 < > 340

+ Protein: 20g < > 17g

+ Saturated fat: 5g < > 12g

+ Sodium: 350mg < > 75mg

+ Iron: 4mg < > 1.8mg

+ Cholesterol: 0mg < > 95.2mg

What adds more meat?

More than 70% of Indians are protein deficient.

And almost everyone’s talking about health, sustainability, and animal welfare.

Looks like 2022 could be the crowning year of food made from plant-based proteins.

Have you had your “meat cute?” Yet?


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