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Philosophy of 'connecting more and communicating less', built Nike

Don’t market your product, market the purpose.

In the world where we are bombarded with ads, emails and other forms of campaigns. In every single of them we are constantly reminded about what the product is and why is it superior.

Nike is a great example of how brands can communicate differently.

Ads are never about shoes; it is built to connect with their customers emotionally.

The traditional narrative that the Hero overcomes hardships by fighting an enemy, where in most cases the enemy says, “You Can’t” which then followed up with their tagline “Just Do It”. This along with popular athletes being part of the narrative connects them with the customers.

Similarly brands like Red Bull and Apple have a unique way of connecting with their audience.

While this may not hold true for all brands, but I believe that brands should start connecting more and communicating less to win their audience.

Leave a comment if you know a company with similar strategy.


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