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Professionals & the Gig Economy

We always wondered how the gig economy was going to shake up our lives as a finance professional. Knowing how it transformed most other jobs, it seemed about time.

The last 12 months, taught us how.

Gig Economy + Skilled Workforce =

Talent Economy / On-demand Talent

In the last 2 years, we have done short consulting stints with:

1 Listed Japanese MNC

1 SF based VC


On strategic engagements.


The kind that could alter the course of their organizational strategy.

They aren’t alone.


50+% of Fortune 100 companies use On-demand Talent like ours.


76% see it increasing over the next few years.

For basic skills then? Nope.


Strategy is the most in-demand skillset (35%)


from Professionals with 10+ years of experience (45%)


on work they felt was a strategic priority (90%) for their clients.

We aren’t alone.


Estimates predict that over 50% of the workforce will become gig-based by 2027.

So how will this affect us & what can we do?

1. Specialise, if you feel the need to differentiate

2. Upskill, because tasks are getting more complex

3. Center, experiences that matter than roles and titles

Folks, we are bound to undergo a transformation – a leveling of the playing field – across countries this time. We are better at being at the forefront than to play wait-and-watch.


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