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Remote working was just tactical

I still see debates on the way forward on work balance. If work should continue to be remote, hybrid or work from office.

No one rule applies to all. Each sector has its advantages and disadvantages for each of the methodology.

However, I strongly feel the following about remote work:

You can’t create strong leaders with remote only

As a unit/ department head you’ll need buy-ins from team members on various initiatives and as a tile on a video call I have to say that it is extremely hard to get that acceptance. Yes, as a designation you’ll get buy-in but not as a leader and there is a vast difference between the two.

The team bonding can never be as great

The team members know each other by their first and last names, email id, and the task they are assigned to do. The beauty of meeting people in person is that you get to know them as humans. Could be a chat around teatime or grabbing a drink after work. With a lot of work based on interdependencies within the team, it’s better when you regularly or a predefined number of times a week/ month catch up with your colleagues.

Collaborative work

Imagine walking up to your colleague to clarify a doubt or brainstorming in the meeting room. It is always more powerful and productive than doing the same on email or calls. Not to mention the additional headache of scheduling those calls as well.

Workspace definition and boundaries

In your office, you have a dedicated workspace where your mind is tuned to think about the tasks at hand and irrespective of how well a home office you have created for yourself you are bound to be distracted. Another common issue I have heard from guys I have spoken to is the blurring line when you are working from home. From the nosy neighbour ringing the bell to the vegetable vendor calling out the list of vegetables is bound to distract you. Another common complaint is the work time which is set when you are in the office against always presumed to be available when you are working from home.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.


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