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Simplifying goal setting

Goal setting is an important exercise both personally and professionally

You’ll hear a lot about the whole process that may or not work for you

Wanted to share something that works for me and even if it helps one other person I’ll be happy

Goal setting isn’t a very complex exercise but since we go by the textbook process, we may end up failing in the whole endeavour. There is no absolute in this, and it works differently based on how we are wired

What has worked for me is broken down into 2 phases

1. Forget all the short, long, and medium-term nomenclature. Work on setting fewer goals as I believe that in a lot of cases more is not always merrier. You might be overwhelmed with the number of goals you want to hit and not get started anywhere. Another problem with too many goals is the obvious distraction that creates a whirlpool you might get sucked into. This is just like “I’ll watch just a couple of YouTube shorts videos”. We all know how that ends

2. Create a roadmap. Spend more time on how you will execute it. If you don’t establish a path for hitting targets you are most definitely going to be running around like a headless chicken. When it is closer to the timeline of that goal being achieved, you’ll do one of these things

- Push the target timelines and that’s an endless cycle as you are bound to push the goalpost again in the future

- Panic and do a half-assed job

- Completely give up any hope of achieving your goals and move on to setting new goals that’ll end up the same way in the future

It is also never good to have goals that you know you can absolutely achieve coz then you aren’t really pushing yourselves to get better. It is ok to have audacious goals and on those, if you fall short, you’d have still done something substantial.

I’d love to hear what your process of goal setting is in the comments. Please do share your experience


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