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Solving Global Chip Shortage

The demand for tech/digital products are far beyond the rate of chip production.

Thanks to Covid, we only witnessed this gap widen, enough to warrant the attention of the end users (ask the guys who haven't got their new cars delivered on time)

Interesting Fact

TSMC- a global chip manufacturer accounts for over 50% of the chips manufactured globally.

Clearly, this dominance in supply chain by one Company is cause for grave concern.

What’s being done to balance the beam?

Governments across the world are introducing schemes to boost chip manufacturing in an effort to attain ‘chip sovereignty’


Looks like we'll soon rectify the demand/supply asymmetry. Great news?

Well, convenience comes at a cost.

Here is the simple truth- It’s a thirsty business!

The Guardian reported

TSMC used ~63 Mn Tonnes of water in 2019 alone.

To put things in perspective - a chip inside an average smart phone or laptop device requires ~ 30 Lts of water to produce.

Let that sink in.

On the Flipside

While $ can surely solve the shortage of chips, it definitely sets us back on the global climate goals. But can we imagine a life without these chips? I’d rather not.

Although there maybe efforts to maximise reuse of the water or consume renewable sources of energy to power these plants.

But the bottom line is, while tech advancements make our lives easier today, one can only hope we don’t face the heat tomorrow.


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