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TFTF | Aug 15, 2019

Issue #13

Aug 15, 2019

The fortnight thus far

Reports & resources we loved in the last 15 days, once every 15 days.

These are cherry picked from 100s the Prequate team comes across every fortnight while working on a diverse set of engagements for our clients. We felt that it was a massive waste that we were not sharing it with fellow entrepreneurs who could benefit greatly from it.



How lots of small M&A deals add up to big value

Lots of Small M&A deals add up to big value | New research confirms that companies that regularly and systematically pursue moderately sized M&A deliver better shareholder returns than companies that don’t, with a 7%+ superior Total Return to Shareholders (TRS)

[ McKinsey & Co > Full report:



Commerce 2040

By 2024, connected devices will become mainstream. As appliances across all points become connected, the next stage of development will require sectors such as retail, home, entertainment to think differently on consumer needs.

[ Euromonitor > Full report here:



The Global Demand for Skills Report 2018

In India - manufacturing, tourism, healthcare, construction are sectors facing a skill gap. Procurement management, supply chain, and logistics, design thinking are skills in required to plug the talent gap.

[ KPMG > Full report here :



Telco challenges in 2025 Report

To survive, telco operators need to relook their fundamentals and adopt a “digital differentiator” approach. Attracting and retaining digital talent and ecosystem management capabilities to shape partnerships are key activities to remain relevant.

[ Arthur D Little > Full report here:



2019 Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey

Treasurers are now reporting a focus on value-added activities traditionally beyond their scope, with areas like technology and innovation; capital structure becoming shared with the CFO function.

[ PwC > Full report here:



European PE Breakdown Q1 2019

With 40+ Bn Euros raised midway through the year, 2019 is set to be a record-setting year for European PE. The spike is largely driven by mega deals of 1 Bn+ Euro.

[ Pitchbook > Full report here:


Every article here has had 100s of hours of effort that have gone into making this relevant, insightful and concise. Due credit and thanks to all these professionals and organizations who toiled to put together these insights, of such high quality, for the use of businesses across the world.


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