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TFTF | June 15, 2020

The fortnight thus far

Reports & resources we loved in the last 15 days, once every 15 days.

Issue #33

Jun 15, 2020



Covid-19 India Perspective 6.0

Companies to factor 20-25% increase in logistics, 35% increase in operating cost for retailers due to new safety SOPs, reverse migration will create a shortage of trained labor and impact operating efficiencies in the medium term. More on how to restructure cost, manage liquidity & cash.

[ BCG > Full report here:



Lockdowns May Accelerate the Shift to Edge Computing

>95% have plans for edge computing and while 25% have already started integrating, nearly 75% aim to begin integrating edge into their IT environments by the end of 2020. This is due to dramatic shifts in the traffic pattern that has exposed a weakness in network infrastructure. Know more about this shift.

[ Bain & Co. > Full report here:



Opportunities for Private Equity Post-COVID-19

Private Equities sitting on at least $ 1.5 trillion of dry powder accumulated in their PE funds. If there is an opportunity out there, they are likely working around the clock to discover it. More on how PEs can help reverse the economic damage.

[ Deloitte > Full report here :



The Future of China’s Business

China has witnessed a GDP CAGR of 12.7% from 2009–2019, successfully transforming itself from a low-income to a mid-income country. The country is now experiencing sustained growth phase. So what are the key trends that will drive the Chinese economy for the next few years according to business leaders?

[ Euromonitor > Full report here:



Why Real-time Visibility is a Game Changer for Supply Chains

Supply chain executives say end-to-end visibility is the number one factor in creating a successful supply chain. Yet, only 6% of respondents are very confident in their systems and capabilities. What are the gaps in the actual capabilities of the supply chain faced by most enterprises?

[ EY > Full report here:



The Fashion’s Digital Transformation; Now or Never

Consumer-sentiment surveys show a decline in purchase intent of 70-80% in offline and 30-40% in online in Europe and North America. E-commerce is not offsetting sales declines in stores. Yet, the digital channel is key for companies to adapt cost structure and make the supply chain faster and cheaper. How can digital transformation help?

[ McKinsey & Co. > Full report here:


Every article here has had 100s of hours of effort that have gone into making this relevant, insightful and concise. Due credit and thanks to all these professionals and organizations who toiled to put together these insights, of such high quality, for the use of businesses across the world.


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