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TFTF | Mar 31, 2020

The fortnight thus far

Reports & resources we loved in the last 15 days, once every 15 days.

Issue #28

Mar 31, 2020



Global Risk Report 2020

4 out of top 5 most impactful Global Risks predicted for 2020 were witnessed in the first quarter of the year already, while the world is trying to recuperate from the existing crisis, what else can we expect in 2020?

[ World Economic Forum > Full report here:



Seven Key Actions Business can take to Mitigate the effect of COVID-19

With cost estimated to be $120+ Bn, that’s 3 times more than the impact of SARS in 2003, how can business leaders fight the existing battle? Also, ensure they are equipped for the next one.

[ PwC > Full report here:



The CIOs Moment

As companies grapple with the pandemic, CIOs, their team and technology are on the frontlines of defence for businesses globally. Their role being the most critical in the next 60-90 days. Where should they focus their engeries on to keep the ship sailing?

[ McKinsey & Co. > Full report here :



The Heart of Resilient Leadership

The role of every leader during any crisis is taking business through these 3 critical phases: Respond, Recover and Thrive. What are the key fundamentals qualities that are required of CEOs to be successful from the rest?

[ Deloitte > Full report here:



The Bionic Company

Organizations that combine the capabilities of humans and machines will develop superior customer experiences and relationships, more productive operations, and dramatically increased rates of innovation. So how can one company take this path to be a Bionic Company?

[ BCG > Full report here:



How Corporate Culture Differ from around the World

Did you know; Asian countries prioritise a caring work culture the most comparatively; North American countries give least priority for an enjoyable work culture? More into how corporate cultures vary globally?

[ Harvard Business Review > Full report here:


Every article here has had 100s of hours of effort that have gone into making this relevant, insightful and concise. Due credit and thanks to all these professionals and organizations who toiled to put together these insights, of such high quality, for the use of businesses across the world.


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