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TFTF | May 30, 2019

Issue #10

May 29, 2019

The fortnight thus far

Reports & resources we loved in the last 15 days, once every 15 days.


India Manufacturing Barometer 2019

Indian manufacturing growth rate has nearly doubled over the last 3 years, and over 74% of India Inc is also bullish on faster growth over the next 12 months.

[PWC> Full report here:


Ecosystem Management

Smarter ways to collaborate with partners is invaluable in today's business environment, 83% of digital ecosystems have partners from over 5 industries.

[BCG > Full report here:


Social Enterprise For the social enterprise, alternative employment (gig economy) is now mainstream. On job learning, human experience and leadership critical to retain and manage talent. [Deloitte >Full report here: ]


Bubbles Pop

Companies that showed excess returns to Shareholders (TRS) during a downturn reduced debt by over $1 for every dollar of total capital on their balance sheet, whereas others added over $3 for every dollar of capital.

[ McKinsey > Full report here :


Future Health

The global consumer genetic testing market to be worth $50B by 2026. In the next 10 years it is highly possible that a large percentage of newborns will be assigned genetic “report cards.”

[ McKinsey > Full report here :


Indian Real Estate

Indian residential real estate shows sign of revival with over 57% stating that it remains a preferred asset class. 53% of consumers want a steady rental income.[Anarock > Full report here:

Handpicked them from among 100s of resources we come across at work every in our endeavor to be at the forefront of management consulting. Please feel free to share suggestions/ feedback if you think there is something our restricted circulation group could use.

Credit to all those professionals who toiled to put together these insights for the use of businesses across the world.


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