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TFTF | Nov 16, 2020

The fortnight thus far

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Issue #43

Nov 16, 2020



Boardroom Insights

A lot has changed in 2020 – some have changed forever and others for a short while. It has brought a new level of intensity into boards’ oversight role, ensuring safety, preserving cash and long-term strategies remain foremost priorities. So, what are the keys agendas in large organisations’ board meetings?

[ KPMG > Full report here:



Electric and Autonomous Vehicles: The Future is Now

As per forecasts, the electric vehicle market will start rapidly scaling around 2024, forcing OEMs to keep up with the tech competitors and the pandemic is chipping away at automakers’ financial cushion that is posing a threat to the progress of autonomous vehicle development. How can OEMs seize this opportunity and manage impending threats?

[ Bain & Co > Full report here:



Best Markets for Sustained E-commerce Growth

With the rapid adoption of e-commerce since March 2020, there is a 30% gap between minimal and heavy online shoppers, which was evenly split before the said period. India remains the most attractive market for the packaged food category for e-comm. Know more.

[ Euromonitor > Full report here :



2021 Global Marketing Trends

The 1918 pandemic popularized the use of the telephone so much that the people-powered switch operators couldn’t keep up. In the Cold War era, the rise of televisions in households directly influenced how people perceived conflict at a time when the Vietnam War became the world’s “First Televised War.” What are the trends that we can expect for 2021?

[ Deloitte > Full report here:



World Economic Outlook

Global growth is projected at −4.4% in 2020, a less severe contraction than forecast in June, better than anticipated 2Q GDP outturns, mostly in developed economies. Close to 90 million people could fall below the $1.90 a day income threshold of extreme deprivation this year. Know more

[ IMF > Full report here:



COVID 19 Tourism Spend Recovery in Numbers

Tourism is expected to drop $ 8 tn lower than pre-COVID-19 projections, but in an optimistic recovery scenario, 85% (pessimistic 60%) of 2019 volumes can be achieved by 2021 and full recovery by 2023. What are the critical factors for economies to plan this recovery?

[ McKinsey & Co > Full report here:


Every article here has had 100s of hours of effort that have gone into making this relevant, insightful and concise. Due credit and thanks to all these professionals and organizations who toiled to put together these insights, of such high quality, for the use of businesses across the world.


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