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TFTF | Apr 15, 2019

Issue #07

Apr 15, 2019

The fortnight thus far

Reports & resources we loved in the last 15 days, once every 15 days.


Rise of the Collaborative Partnership

70% respondents feel access to talent is the most important reason to outsource, with over 53% expressing an openness to outsource a core function as well. [ PwC > Full report here:


When the Finance Department Becomes a Company’s secret weapon

Over 40% of CFOs indicate that their biggest challenges are in strategic planning, over 45% state that the top 3 outcomes that are impacted are growth, shareholder returns, quality of strategic advice.

[ Bain & Company > Full report here: ]


Manufacturing for Modern Times

By 2025, overall global consumption is forecast to reach $62 trillion, twice its 2013 level, and fully half of this increase will come from the emerging world. Understanding local needs and organizing for complexity are critical to handle this shift.

[ McKinsey > Full report here: ]


Financial Planning and Analysis, the next Frontier of Outsourcing

Reduction of forecast variance by 20%-30%, savings of 100+ man days annually, improvement in business insights are some outcomes studied.

[ Deloitte > Full report here : ]


A Study of Key Performance Drivers in Family Offices

Currently Public Equity and Fixed Income are preferred asset classes, but a significant proportion feel that private equity will be a major contributor for future returns.

[ Northern Trust & Wharton > Full report here: ]


Technology + People, the Future Finance Function

65% respondents say that standardizing and automating processes and building agility into practices will be an important priority for tomorrow’s finance function.

[ EY > Full report here:$FILE/EY-the-DNA-of-the-CFO-part-2.pdf ]

Handpicked them from among 100s of resources we come across at work every in our endeavor to be at the forefront of management consulting. Please feel free to share suggestions/ feedback if you think there is something our restricted circulation group could use.

Credit to all those professionals who toiled to put together these insights for the use of businesses across the world.


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