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The $100 Billion Knock off!

Taking high-priced fashion trends off the runway and into everyone’s closet seems to have worked for SHEIN.

Shein’s approach to the fashion world was simple and it exploded very quickly from the humble start it had. The founder simply sourced products from the wholesale market in China and blitzed the market with influencer tik-tok videos, roping in their ideal target market.

Business was good but not with hiccups, the traction that Shien was drawing meant it had to start production if it were to scale quickly.

The founder then built an army of around 800 people that were working to get Shein 2000 SKUs every week. With any other brand it’s what they would think of manufacturing for a whole season.

While its popularity with the buyers was on a steady rise (because who wouldn’t want a dress like that of Zara’s at 1/4th the cost), it constantly faced design infringement issues, hate for how unsustainable it made the planet and a myriad of other lawsuits.

But Shien persevered for the poster child of fast fashion is now slated to be the third most valuable startup in the world.

This would not have been possible without the big wigs backing them, and if so, then it seems like all the noise involving ‘ESG’ is simply a background score no one is paying heed to because hello beautiful clothes, hi $15 billion revenue and mazel tov on the $100 billion valuation.


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