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The 2 things that made Elon Musk from good to Great

From $ 28k to $ 127.9 Bn in 25 years Elon Musk There are 2 guiding principles that really set him apart:

A 'First-Principles' framework

A powerful, powerful way of thinking, Musk is a great believer in the “First Principles” framework to solve problems.

> Identifying the common assumptions of a problem |

> Break the problem down to its fundamental truth |

> Use that fundamental truth to plot a new course First-principles in action at Tesla: + the most common assumption about car batteries was that it would cost $ 600 per KwH and most players accepted that it would not get better in the future. + the fundamental truth was that all the material constituents of the batteries were cheaper to source in the stock market and this would bring it down to $80 per kWh + now use this truth to think of clever ways to combine them into the shape of a battery cell. B

Take BIG bets

In the last 25 years, Musk has bet on an industry thesis than on just a commercial opportunity with all his chips.


Sold to Compaq and reinvested to start

| (later PayPal)

Sold to e-Bay and reinvested in SpaceX |


Initial core team member and set options grants against performance goals Bankrolled operations to nearing personal bankruptcy



Exploring the future of space travel

| The Boring Company

Exploring the future of urban commute and logistics Result >

He made his first Billion in 2012

> Wealth grew by 25 times by 2019 to $ 24.6 Bn

> Added $100 Bn more by 2020 #elonmusk #leadership #entreprenership


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