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The Box Office Merger

PVR and INOX Merger


Will this deal raise eyebrows in CCI?

Here is how PVR & INOX can unlock synergies,

1/ Best real estate in the country allowing them to command better prices for Ad Revenue

2/ Negotiate lower revenue share with distributors

3/ F&B sourcing and vendor consolidation would help lower COGS

4/ Corporate overheads can be shared

More importantly, given the stronghold of

PVR in North and South

INOX in East and West

they can expand rapidly and are looking to add 2,000 screens in the next 5-10 years

So why should CCI be worried about this?

With 1500+ screens today, they only own 17% of screens in the country but they will now own ~50% multiplex screens and with new screens in the pipeline it might take it up to ~70% creating a monopolistic scenario in the multiplex industry.

Let’s say it gets approved,

Will this mean that your movie tickets and popcorn prices go up?

If the prices do go up, then it would make

Or will PVR & INOX pass on the benefits to its customers?

Source: TOI


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