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The Business of Sports

Our team at Prequate now has fanatics of each sport - F1, Football, Cricket and Fantasy sports (if that's a category)!

A quick view of the business of sports

+Sports owners – #LibertyMedia, #bcci

>Broadcast rights, tickets sold, IP licensing, merchandise sale

+Team owners – #csk , #redbullracing

>Sponsorship deals, merchandise sales, media engagements, transfer fees

+Broadcasters – #star, #espn

>Revenue from individual advertising sponsorships sold & media engagements

+Sponsors – Emirates,

>Differential customer acquisition cost, brand visibility and reach to a wider audience

+Backend analytics – Kitman Labs, Hudl

>Insights and customised offerings to teams and the betting industry

+Training academies – #MIacademy, #Ferrarijuniorteam

>Feeder system for established teams and ground-level engagement

+Players – #viratkohli, #lionelmessi

>Salary + sign-on fees from clubs, sponsorship earnings, celebrity earnings, etc.

How we see future monetisation of sports.

- Unique camera angles sponsorship

- Metaverse for audience engagement

- Limited edition sponsorships for car livery and clothing

- Rights sale for sports documentaries

- Gamification at a club level

- Live interaction through tournament-specific apps

- Member-only communities and content

- NFTs

- Language-specific broadcast rights

- Social commerce

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