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The invisible thread behind France & Fashion

Christian Dior. Louis Vuitton. Yves Saint Laurent.


What do they have in common?


High-end Fashion? Paris?


Well, both.

My love for Paris stemmed from the way my father regaled us with his experiences working, wining & dining in the city. The fact that the fabled ‘Queen of the World’ was home to an awe-inspiring designer [Coco Chanel] was just, for lack of a better word, coincidence.


Fashion is a deep-seated part of the French culture and it’s no wonder that the fashion vocabulary is vastly derived from French (haute couture, avant-garde, pret-a-porter, chic).

So, what makes Paris the fashion capital of the world?


Walk down Champs-Elysees and you will know.


The French have a sense of style that is unparalleled, and the avenue is bustling with designers who have all been change-makers in the fashion scene. What began with the exuberance of Mary Antoinette has ended with people swarming the coveted couture houses.

During the reign of King Louis IV, the sun king who is credited with paving the way for art & fashion, Colbert envisaged, “Fashion will be for France what the gold mines of Peru are for Spain. “


With French fashion contributing over €154 Bn in 2018, nothing like hitting the nail on the head.

Do you agree?


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