VCs don't spend most of their time hearing startup pitches.

25%-30%/ 1.5 days a week.


That’s the amount of time that a VC spends on listening to pitches and evaluating start-ups (sourcing).

So where do they spend the rest of their time?

30-35% of the time goes in advisory capacities with the portfolio companies.


20% of their time on helping recruit key management positions for you.


10% of their time on helping make connections for you.


5-10% of their time on managing the fund responsibilities.

What this means if you are someone looking to raise funds -

When you are working with a VC, he is quite actually working for you - to make things happen.

The best deal for an investee is when capital is smart.

Not just when the valuation is the highest.

Always take money from someone smarter than you - in one field or the other.

It really really matters when things go really well or when things go downhill.

Do you have any questions on a deal in the works?

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