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What are you Buying into?

As modern day consumers, we are targeted by multiple brands across all domains.

But what makes you complete a transaction?

Packaging, brands, premium ingredients, luxurious feel.

Yes, to all.

But what is the core proposition that you are really buying into?


Take any startup that has had a tremendous growth spurt. The only ones that have grown 10x, 20x & 50x are all ones that are selling convenience.

#Swiggy – Convenience of having food delivered at your doorstep

#Zepto – Convenience of having grocery delivered at your doorstep

#Amazon - Convenience of having literally everything delivered at your doorstep

#BYJU'S – Education at the comfort of your home

#Coursera – College degree from anywhere, really

#Myntra – Fashion at your doorstep

#PhonePe – Payment at the tip of your fingers

#LazyPay – Pay later when you’re not feeling lazy

Convenience along with what any Indian loves most of all, a damn good bargain.

+ Coupon codes

+ Cash backs

+ Credit card offers

have all led to increasing referrals, increasing cart values and increasing stickiness, making the need to step out for anything absolutely redundant.

Next time you make a purchase, think if convenience was one of reasons to make that decision.


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