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What is it? Probability or Luck?

We often attribute the good and the not-so-good events to 'luck'

But is an unknown and unquantifiable factor a reason for your success or failure?

Someone having a string of successes - Oh he’s got the Midas touch! Very lucky guy.

Someone dealing with failures - Poor fellow, whatever he does luck doesn’t favor him.

IMHO this is an oversimplification of the whole concept, not just that, I feel it’s overlooking the facts completely.

From my experience, the guys I have seen to be lucky or unlucky are categorized purely by their smarts and the amount of work they put in or otherwise.

If you have a goal personal or professional, however audacious (it’s always better for goals to be audacious) it is, if you have a methodical and a smart approach to go at it then your chances of hitting that target are always very high. Let’s not devalue those efforts by just calling it good luck. Of course, there are variables to account for, but the smart folks do account for those variables too. With consistent effort, they only increase the probability of their success.

On the other hand, the ones that are defined as struck by bad luck from my experience are the ones who inevitably stop short, procrastinate, blame others for their problems, have no goal or write down how they want to tackle an issue, let setbacks pause their effort, etc... You get the idea.

The ‘lucky’ ones create their path dictating how they want to approach their life whereas the ‘unlucky’ ones let the circumstances and the people around them decide how they should lead their life.


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