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What’s in a name?

Think of everyday brands that have a high recall value, chances are their names are easy to remember and extremely catchy. While some people put a lot of thought and effort in getting the right name for their business, others just luck out by keeping it pragmatic. Take for example - #lego – Comes from ‘Leg got’ which simply means play well in Danish #pizzahut – The property where the first one came up resembled a hut and the sign board had place for only nine letters, thus Pizza Hut was born #nike– What better inspiration for a sporting goods company than the Goddess of Victory herself, for as they say, in sports there are no losers #xerox – Comes from xerography which is a technical term for the dry copying process that photocopiers use #cisco – Just a short form of San Francisco, the city where the founders started the company I guess sometimes it pays to just ‘keep it simple, silly.’


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