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How to overcome 'writer's block'?

Each one of us who likes to actively post on LinkedIn has experienced ‘writer’s block'.

I definitely have and when the block is too long you tend to get inactive on a very useful platform.

I wanted to share some thoughts on how one could potentially overcome this obstacle

1. Share industry news or updates and post your own views/ commentary or analysis on the news

2. Put together a list of useful resources. It could be tools you use, interesting websites or even books. Anything your audience might find useful

3. Use images or infographics or videos to represent the information that could be both engaging and easy to comprehend

4. Try and get an interview or Q&A with an expert in your industry and capture the highlights of the conversation. This could also be an event you attended which could be of interest to your audience

5. Write DIY guides or create video tutorials on a topic that interests your audience

6. Share personal experiences that are related to the industry. It could provide valuable insights for the readers

7. A positive experience or review of a product or service that you have recently used. Remember to keep it constructive in case of a not-so-great experience

8. Share a case study or a customer experience that explains how your prospect can benefit from your product or service

9. Use audience polls or forms to seek input or feedback about a topic and use the responses to create content

10. Write about your expertise and insights on topics relevant to your industry

Hope you find this useful and feel free to add to the list if any


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