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Netflix Acquires NEXTGAMES for $71.6 Million

The most important answer that we need to look for is.

1/ Why a gaming company?

2/ What may be ‘Ta-Dum’ behind this?

We all know Netflix has always been the pioneer in the OTT industry.

Couple of months ago, I was surprised to see the games section on Netflix. I thought maybe they are just piloting it and did my bit by playing some of them

When they made the announcement yesterday,

My first reaction was, Yes! that total makes sense, right move considering how gaming industry has benefited from COVID.


But. It is more than just a Tactical move; it is Long-Term.

Here is why,


Younger generations prefer gaming over watching tv shows.

> Prefer to Play Video Games over any other entertainment activity

- GenZ: 26%

- Millennials: 16%

- GenX: 10%

- Boomers: 3%

Now, Compare that with TV shows/movies

- GenZ: 10%

- Millennials: 18%

- GenX: 29%

- Boomers: 39%

Netflix is evolving, so will others.

If you also notice, social media favors the younger generation too.


Logically, Social Media + Gaming = Exactly what Facebook (Oops Meta) is Upto!

Expecting more acquisitions of gaming companies by OTTs.

What do you think?


Source: Deloitte


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