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“Professional services are unapproachable to the entrepreneurs of today”.

“Professional services are limited to Assurance and Taxation”.

“Professional services are reactive rather than Proactive”.

What started as an introspection into the perceptions, became an opportunity that lay before professionals with the right mix of business understanding among them.

Partners, Pradyumna, Rakesh and Rishabh came together to belong to a Performance Enablement Company.

PREQUATE, a portmanteau word meaning ‘Prior Event Planning + Post Event Equating’ was coined.

We, at Prequate work with organizations to help them understand their environment and do business in a leaner and smarter way. By helping businesses interpret their surroundings, we help amplify the impact of their strategies and execution strengths without worrying too much, or with a lot more clarity, as to how their environment may respond.

Current Client Locations

As a team of professionals armed with experience and knowledge from the best consulting firms in the world, we would like to share our thoughts and ideas on various topics. Below, we have listed a few topics to watch out for on our blog.

  1. Startup: Is it really my cup of coffee?

  2. Is Finance accounting?

  3. Do I need really need an SOP?

  4. I’m a startup. Is there an SOP for startups?

  5. Looking at the valuation puzzle

Follow our blog and watch out for content which will help you learn and grow your business.

And if you want our assistance you could reach out to us at any of the following:


Mail                     [email protected]

Address             #11/2, Infinitive, 3 Cross, Wilson Garden, Bangalore 560 027, India

Call                      +91 80 22 22 50 40


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