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Who won the Infamous Brand Wars?

Consumers today have been spoilt for choice with the number of brands that compete in the same segment.

We’ve all heard of infamous brand wars.

Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

Nike vs Adidas

BMW vs Mercedes.

But while we look at the brand names during a purchase what we fail to realize is that the bigger umbrella housing most of them are the same.

It’s a typical class & mass approach. While companies run established brands to cater to a premium segment, they hate losing out on price sensitive customers.

So, what then?

Well, they acquire/ create sister brands to ensure they still have the bigger piece of the pie.

Here are some revelations

+ Adidas & Reebok – Same holding company while Adidas caters to the classes Reebok caters to the masses

+ L’Oreal & Kerastase – Highly competitive brands in the hair care range with Karastase packaged to appeal to a premium consumer profile

+ Corona & Budweiser – Both belong to AB InBev which actually have a host of other beers in their portfolio

The best example of all ‘LVMH’, a company housing over 75 aspirational brands.

Thought Dior was better than Givenchy? Think again!


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