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Hermès, the epitome of luxury

Can you make something more valuable by making it harder to buy your products or refuse to have visibility from celebrity endorsements?

Hermès can.

With a brand valuation of $46B in 2021, here is what they don't do

1/ Hire a brand ambassador.

2/ Celebrity endorsement.

3/ Clearance/holiday sale.

It goes against every rule in the product playbook – ‘make shopping effortless’.

Yet, its valuation is 14x its annual revenue!

The real value behind Hermès is Rarity!

Rarity is the only thing the company sells, unlike other luxury brands

Its Birkin – a women’s bag - sells for $100k+ with some of them selling for over $3M.

Even celebrities cannot expect to get the product they wanted when they enter a store.

So exclusive that even their most popular products are not even listed on their website.

Hermès has redefined the category with its contrarian view.

That being expensive or celebrity led marketing does not make something a luxury.


The epitome of luxury is ‘exclusivity’.


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